Overwhelmed, again!

Happy Humpday!

I’m feeling overwhelmed again, as the title of this post may suggest, haha 😉 I feel like there’s a whole world of online business and work that I’m not sure how to tap into.

I thought this blog was going to be my way to showcase my writing, which I still hope it will be. I guess my issue currently is that I don’t have clear steps on how to go about doing this. I am the type of person that needs directions laid out for me, step by step. I think I’ve chosen a path that definitely doesn’t have that!

What am I going to do? I think my next steps will be:

1. Continue trying to implement the great tips I’m learning from this Free Online Blogging Course.

2. Talk to my awesome dad about his tips for starting your own business.

3. Talk to my awesome friend, the creator of the Free Online Blogging Course, Patti, Digital Communication Consultant, of https://www.pattihaus.com/ about her blogging journey and eventual creation of her online business.

4. Figure out what my business is about, what I will provide my clients.

Thanks for staying with me at the start of my journey!