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I’m Erin, an aspiring online business owner.

I’ve spent 10+ years working in a vast array of office environments, medical offices, a non-profit organization, an insurance company and an accounting office for car dealerships doing financial reporting. I want to take the variety of the skills I’ve learned and put them to use for businesses who can utilize my full potential.

In most of the places I’ve worked, I have tried to make my work life easier by optimizing my computer or computers so that there is less need for paper and physical office space. It seems lots of businesses are hesitant to move forward in the digital age, and I look forward to working with companies that see the benefits to doing this.

I’m at a transition period in my life and I’m so excited. I have two dogs and two cats that are the loves of my life. I have jumped into the world of online work and couldn’t be happier about it.

I look forward to working with you!

Erin Poworski

Please feel free to contact me at: