Different Types of Pages

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Today we’re learning about pages. The day 5 email that you’ll receive from this free Blogging Course mentions a Home page, About page, Blog page, Resources page and Contact page.

I was wondering about a blog page because the site I’m using for the free course, PattiHaus.com has a blog page. The course says that if you are just starting out, it’s probably easiest to leave your blog as your main page. So I think that’s what I’ll do for now, as I don’t have much other content to share (yet!).

The next type of page mentioned is an About page. I’ve actually been excited to write an About page. I always love reading About pages of blogs and sites that I enjoy. I think that is what I’ll work on tomorrow. Also, the course says that the About page is, “Arguably one of the most read pages on your blog”.

Patti the creator of this course writes about a Resources page, to share any tools you use as a blogger or entrepreneur. Since I don’t have many resources yet, I will work on this in the future.

The final type of page mentioned is a contact page. I will also need to create this, but might combine it with my About page until my blog/online business gets bigger.

What do you think is the most important page? What is your favorite page to look at on sites you enjoy? Leave me a comment!

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