My First Post

Hi friends and family!

I’ve known since the first time I heard the words “work from home” that that’s how I wanted to work. I didn’t really believe that it was a possibility until I started doing just that five years ago for an insurance company. It didn’t take me long to get bored of strictly data entry, at a strict quota. So I moved on. And didn’t think a chance to work from home would come up for me again.

Five years later, a great former co-worker and current great friend of mine said she left the professional association we worked at together and was working from home.

After meeting with her and discussing her journey to creating an online business and working from home, I was confused. It sounded out of my league and confusing. So I signed up for her 14 day “Build a Blog” challenge and here I go.

My goal is to showcase my writing skills on my blog. I’d like to show potential clients what I have to offer. I’m going to do this by blogging about my blogging journey, and how I go from not knowing there was such a thing as “online businesses” to having one of my own!

I hope to provide some interesting posts and some helpful tips along the way. Thanks for joining me on my blogging and online business journey.



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