Writer’s Block


I’ve never had to do any sort of writing before where I didn’t have guidance on what to write. So far, I’ve been using the information from this great, free Blogging Course as a guideline on what to write about. The information I received on day 4 of the course was about plugins. I feel like I’m too new to blogging to delve too far into plugins; so I started this post feeling like I wasn’t sure what to talk about. Thankfully, I’ve read through the entire course and see that there is a handy solution for writer’s block, and I will talk about it when we get there.

Since I’m not feeling too confident about plugins currently, I think I’ll use them minimally. If/when I decide to monetize my blog, I will do more research into all the plugins available and what will help me the most. I’ll give a bit of information below on the plugin that comes standard with WordPress.

The standard plugin that comes with WordPress called is Jetpack. The Jetpack site says that it helps customize your site, increase traffic and have a safe, strong site. When I look more into this, I will write a post on it.

Well there are my thoughts for my third blog post!



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